The developers removed the experimental Solo Bank It mode for solo players from the game following player feedback.

The temporary STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT event is now available. Here, battles take place on a night version of the Las Vegas map with activated turrets. Players can participate in the event solo and with the heavy class.

Additionally, users can obtain a set of cosmetic items that are not class-specific for free. To do this, they need to play in STS mode and complete quests. Also, through Twitch Drops, players can receive 3 free items.

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For those who have reached the maximum level and unlocked all items, Embark Studios has expanded the number of levels. The new maximum level is now 50 (an increase of 10 levels). Special rewards are available at the new stages.

The developers have reduced the number of matches players must complete to unlock the ranked tournament mode from 60 to 45. More tutorial videos for various gadgets have also been added to the game.

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Now a few words about the balance:

  • Player shields will be colored in team colors (to activate this, enter the settings).
  • The Recon Senses ability has been adjusted to make it less powerful. Now, the enemy detection range is limited to 30 meters, and all victims affected by the skill will receive a detection notification.
  • Numerous minor adjustments have been made to all maps.
  • The sounds of enemy and ally footsteps are easier to distinguish.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented reviving a friend if the friend's figurine was lying in the grass.

You can read more detailed information about the changes here

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