As reported in January 2023, Ubisoft is working on two separate Far Cry projects, both headed by Ubisoft Montreal. Although a few years back both games were released under the same title, Talisker, management changed, and the game's direction shifted. The result was 2 Far Cry projects, Far Cry 7, which is Ubisoft's next main project and internally known as Project Blackbird, while the multiplayer game is called Project Maverick. Both games are now entirely separated, with Maverick evolving into a multiplayer game based on Far Cry extraction.

According to insider Tom Henderson, the multiplayer Far Cry will resemble Escape from Tarkov and other games in the genre, where the main goal is to successfully extract from the map after completing specific tasks. Events will unfold in a fictional Alaskan setting named Alashnica. Players are lured into the region with promises of freedom, only to be met with chaos.

Far CryImage credit: YouTube

Traditional Far Cry features from Ubisoft will be present: resource gathering, such as hunting animals for skins, and collecting plants, searching for weapon parts and ammunition. The game will have a refuge that functions as an operational base and gear storage. In the new Far Cry, players will be able to play as a team, where members share the loot and the refuge. To level up, players will need to complete in-game contracts (challenges) so they can acquire privileges.

Player death in the game will be final, resulting in a loss of gear, perks, and level. Only items stored in the refuge will remain.

As of now, the release of the multiplayer Far Cry is allegedly planned for April 2025, with an alpha version launch set for the first half of 2024.

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