Less than a month ago, another sandbox game emerged in the shadow of Palworld. Enshrouded combines elements of survival, a classic role-playing system, and souls-like gameplay. Despite the fierce competition, the project has already attracted the attention of two million players.

The audience appreciated the uniqueness of this project. The combination of familiar souls-like gameplay and harsh survival sets the game apart from many competitors. The deep building system was also well-received. Players specifically noted the interesting mechanic of fog, which maintains interest in exploring the world.

EnshroudedImage credit: Steam

On Steam, Enshrouded has already gathered 32,954 reviews, 86% of which are positive. At peak times, 700,000 people play daily, with a maximum online count of over 160,000 players at once.

The developers at Keen Games honestly admitted that they did not expect such a frenzy. They sincerely thanked the players for their support in their post.

The developers promised to work even harder on the project. An update with bug fixes is coming soon.

Next, Keen Games plans to enrich the game with new content. They have already published a large poll in which fans of the project can choose new ideas for future expansions.

Main image: playground.ru