Modern Warfare 3 has not even been released yet, but messages about potential new content for future seasons have already begun to spread.

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The actions of CoD: MW3 take place in the present day. Along with this, the shooter is not averse to showing a fictional confrontation with zombies in the form of a separate game mode. And it seems that zombies are not the only surprise being prepared. The latest leak hints at the first appearance of futuristic weapons in the Modern Warfare lineup.

According to insider el_bobberto, there will be a crossover with Advanced Warfare in the third season of Modern Warfare 3. He has repeatedly shared reliable leaks, so his information can be trusted.

In total, four types of new weapons are planned to be added to the shooter: EM1, ASM1, BAL27, and MORS. How the futuristic weapons will be integrated into Modern Warfare 3 is not entirely clear yet. According to the insider, they will become part of a free content update for the game and will appear at the beginning of 2024.

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The insider also retweeted a message from content creator ProReborn, who wrote:

In MW3 there will be seasons dedicated to outdated CoD games. They will include updated maps and amp; weapons from the respective games. The third season should be AW with the EM1 laser rifle and much more.

The first beta tests of Modern Warfare 3 have already begun. And while fans like the updated maps and the new movement system in the game, not everything was smooth. After player feedback at the COD Next event, Sledgehammer Games reported that the new tactical equipment Battle Rage will be weakened for the beta test launch.

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