Titan Quest 2 developers have showcased the fish-people race one of the enemy factions in the action RPG. Ichthys are a horrific hybrid of humans and sea beasts, and gamers may recall these opponents from the original title. In the sequel, they are encountered in early phases and are more coordinated than other creatures.

In the first game, Ichthys were a unique addition to Greek mythology. In Titan Quest 2, creators will delve deeper into the lore of the fish-people and shed light on their transformation into such dreadful beings.

Titan Quest 2Image: steampowered.comThe team outlined the Ichthyan variants combatants will face. Soldiers excel with spears, wielding them in close quarters or hurling from afar. Mages heal allies and augment their velocity and strength. Agile Hunters can ensnare victims in nets before closing in for a heavy spear strike. Finally, the armored Brutes brandish two-handed maces capable of devastating ground attacks.

Ichthys assault the hero in small squads, comprising all combat classes. Adversaries complement each other well, compensating for weaknesses, so players must carefully choose initial targets.

Main image: Ensiplay