If your friend or acquaintance constantly raises their voice and swears during gaming sessions, and you for some reason don't want to ignore it, then this news is for you. A voice silencer called Mutalk has appeared. It's something like a sound-proof mask for the face, most likely suitable for those who are tired of the loud cries and curses of their loved ones during gaming sessions. This unusual accessory is designed specifically for active gamers whose behavior at the computer can ruin the atmosphere in the room.

Mutalk works on the principle of active noise cancellation the built-in microphone catches loud sounds coming from the owner's mouth and absorbs them, preventing them from spreading further. Thus, you can enjoy peace and quiet while your friend in a fit of emotion berates the useless, in his opinion, teammates.

The price of the device is $139. The developers claim that it is capable of completely isolating the sounds made by a person, even if they are shouting at the top of their lungs. Thus, you will be able to keep your eardrums intact and not risk ruining your relationship due to the excessive irritability of your loved one.

Main image: Mutalk official