Sony has uploaded the 7-minute short film for free on their YouTube channel. The piece explores the difficulties that Miles Morales faces as he tries to balance his life as a teenager and his career as a superhero. The pressures of his double life have led him to experience a panic attack and sleep paralysis.

The community has responded positively to this glimpse into the personal struggles of a superhero. Users have appreciated the fact that Miles' father is shown supporting him during this difficult time, as superheroes often have strained or deceased relationships with their parents.

The moral of the story is well-received even superheroes can ask for help from their loved ones, and we should offer support to those who need it.

Sony continues to actively develop the Spider-Man multiverse franchise. Work is currently underway on a full-length trilogy, as well as a solo live-action Spider-Man film. Filming for the fourth Tom Holland-led Spider-Man movie is set to begin in Fall 2024, which is rumored to feature the character of Miles Morales as well.

The Spider Within Image: youtube.comThis short film, The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story, is the latest installment in Sony's efforts to expand the Spider-Man universe and provide a more nuanced portrayal of the challenges faced by its superhero characters.

Main image: Official Short Film — The Spider Within