Microsoft intends to add support for the Steam game store to future Xbox consoles, according to journalist and reputable insider Jez Corden. The source claims to have gained insights into the company's forthcoming plans for console development.

Reportedly, Microsoft aims to shift its focus away from hardware and towards software support and game accessibility. To bring more titles to the Xbox ecosystem, the company is considering integrating with Steam. Rumors suggest future consoles may also support other storefronts like the Epic Games Store.

Xbox get SteamImage: Dall-E 3In simpler terms, the next-gen Xbox is poised to become a more "open" platform, resembling a PC in terms of software offerings. Corden speculates that the upcoming Xbox generation will cater to a niche audience and dedicated fans. Additionally, Microsoft plans to attract new gamers through low game prices and sales promotions.

Furthermore, Microsoft intends to make all Xbox-exclusive titles available on other devices. For instance, Forza and Halo are slated for PlayStation ports.

Main image: Ensiplay, Dall-E 3