Before the start of the second semifinal at the PGL Major Copenhagen, the main storyline was shocking stats of Aleksib, the captain of the Ukranian club, and his former clubs. The Finnish player had a perfect 8-0 since he joined Natus Vincere, and five of these eight wins were against G2 Esports. So the main question was: can G2 Esports break this streak?

The starting map wasn’t a good beginning for NiKo and his team. G2 Esports lost their pick Anubis in overtime - 13:16. However, they could equalize the score on Nuke, a pick of Natus Vincere - 13:7.

Unfortunately for G2 Esports and their fans, Natus Vincere was stronger (13:11), and their streak continued. Once again w0nderful was the most valuable player of the series whose sniping skills were crucial for the victory.

Tomorrow, in the  grand finals, Natus Vincere will face FaZe Clan. FaZe are to be the crowd favourite since its captain, Karrigan, is danish. The winner of this match will be crowned the first major champion in the history of Counter-Strike 2 and will earn $500,000 of prize money

Main image: PGL