PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is in the books, but it is not too late to analyze its outcomes and highlight the best players in the capital of Denmark. HLTV created their Best Five of the tournament, showcasing the dream team of the first major tournament in the history of Counter-Strike 2.

Donk and m0NESY are in the PGL Major Copenhagen Best Five teamImage: HLTV

The most valuable player, jL from Natus Vincere, is obviously on this squad. He takes the closer role. During the tournament, the player from Lithuania won eight 1vX clutches and showed outstanding fragging ability.

Together with jL is his teammate and captain, Aleksib. While the Finnish IGL was not showing big numbers, he led his team to a surprise triumph and fully deserved this spot.

The best sniper of the tournament was m0NESY. While his team G2 might not be happy with the 3-4th place, m0NESY made the difference on a server with average ratings of 1.32 and 1.43 for the T and CT sides, respectively.

Donk is unsurprisingly the best opener. Although he did not show the same level of performance as his legendary appearance in Katowice, the Russian player is still dominating the server with his aggressive playstyle.

The best anchor is FlameZ. He was the powerhouse behind Team Vitality, and while ZywOo struggled with his hybrid role of someone between rifler and sniper, the Israeli player delivered one of the best performances of his career.

Last Sunday, Natus Vincere beat FaZe Clan to become the PGL Major Copenhagen champion.

Main image: PGL