The competitive ecosystem in Counter-Strike 2 will change drastically next year. We've already written about the comeback of one classic tournament organizer, and now famous esports journalist Richard Lewis mentioned the possibility of RMR tournament cancellation. 

Partnered leagues are dead in 2025, and suddenly, we have a major esports tournament every week. Starladder are back, PGL are back, BLAST, ESL… All of partnered leagues are dead. From what I'm hearing, RMRs might be gone.
Richard Lewis

RMR is a series of qualification tournaments for the Counter-Strike 2 Majors. Depending on the region's quota, a number of the best teams in the RMR get their spots at the Major. It was first introduced during the 2020 pandemic, but now it may lose its significance.

There are two big reasons why that may be true: first of all, the competitive calendar of 2025 is already looking really stacked with big events from top tournament organizers. The second reason is that RMRs take quite some time and resources to organize. Imagine if we are going back to the international Major LAN qualifier like it was before the pandemic. This is not impossible.

Valve did not give any comments about the topic, and we're yet to see announcements regarding the esports ecosystem. The next CS2 Major will happen in Shanghai this December.

Main image: alphacoders