After yesterday's incident, PGL added security measures and rebuilt their stage in the Royal Arena so that competition would not be disturbed. These fences did their job as FaZe Clan faced Team Vitality in the first semifinal of the PGL Major Copenhagen.

The team won their map picks: FaZe was stronger on Nuke 13:7, while Team Vitality left no chances on Vertigo - 13:5. The main action went on Inferno - a decider map. Throughout the Swiss stages, Inferno was a rare guest on the servers. This can be explained as most of the team knows the map well, and in best-of-one matches, the consequences of a very simple mistake can be fatal.

It is an entirely different situation in best-of-threes. You can say that teams got the map veto perfectly: strong advantage on their pick and a decider where both teams have chances.

We saw a close match, but in the end, FaZe Clan was slightly stronger (13:8) and moved one step closer to the championship in the first Counter-Strike 2 major tournament. Tomorrow, they will play against the winner of the G2 Esports - Natus Vincere semifinals.

Main image: PGL