Despite the release of Counter-Strike 2 more than six months ago, many aspects can still be improved. Recently, users found an exploit that allowed them to turn cheats on during official matchmaking games.

Cheating is a big problem in Counter-Strike, but such exploits make things much, much worse. Luckily, Valve hotfixed it relatively quickly. However, these actions don't go without consequences.

FaceIT, the online platform, announced that it found a way to track all the instances when an exploit was used and rolled out a wave of two-year bans. Among those affected were two young players, cyber and depact. This duo was contracted to the academy roster of Eternal Fire, and these bans possibly ended their careers: almost immediately after the bans were issued, the Turkish club terminated the contracts with their players. 

While these players most likely used this exploit to turn on cheats just for fun, such a joke will cost them a lot. If you choose the path of a professional esports player, take care of your reputation and don't let spontaneous and silly behaviour ruin your career.

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