Valve shared a sales report for Steam from August 22 to 29.

Not long ago, many thought turn-based RPGs were dead in terms of sales. But BG 3 proves otherwise. Baldur's Gate 3 was a hit this summer. It's still in the top three on Steam's sales chart.

But Armored Core 6 managed to beat Baldur's Gate 3. It launched on Steam on August 25 and currently leads sales with an average rating of 83%.

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Pre-orders for Starfield are doing well. Players are buying the Deluxe edition to play it on September 1. Starfield is third on the list.

Sunkenland, a survival game, also had a good debut. It feels like the movie "Waterworld". It's tenth in sales and was released on August 26, 2023.

The full list is:

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