The dungeons of Diablo IV are now accessible with a Game Pass subscription, as the popular RPG has been officially added to the pass. To play on PC, install the game through Battle.Net and log in with a Microsoft account or create a new one if necessary. Then, go to settings and link an Xbox Game Pass account in the "Connections" section. On console, simply launch the game.

 Diablo IV game passImage: EnsiplayGame Pass provides access to a large library of games via subscription, discounts on purchases and DLCs, and other bonuses. For those who haven't tried Diablo IV but have a subscription, this is a cost-effective way to experience the legendary series from Blizzard for the first time. The Xbox library also includes other equally exciting projects: Atomic Heart, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, The Walking Dead series, Bramble: The Mountain King and many others.

Earlier, the developers announced that the Season 4 test will begin in April. The Diablo series consists of iconic action RPGs set in a dark fantasy world filled with demons, brave heroes, and battles. In Diablo IV, players choose a character from several classes and set out to explore the world.

Main image: Ensiplay