Blizzard has shared the development plans for Diablo 4. They announced the start date of the fourth season, upcoming innovations, and much more.

The third act has been extended by almost a month — until May 14, 2024. The fourth season will start on the same day. It was postponed to test the upcoming changes and refine the innovations. The PTR server will be available from April 2 to April 9 exclusively for users on PC.

BlizzardImage: youtube.comIn Diablo 4, the item system will be overhauled — items will drop less frequently, but their quality will significantly improve. The number of affixes on equipment will decrease, and unused properties will be removed.

Only sacred loot can be obtained on the third level of the world, and inheritable loot on the fourth. With the start of the next season, users will be able to sell legendary and unique items.

The game will introduce item tempering, which will allow adding new unique affixes. Developers will also change the equipment enhancement system — you will be able to upgrade items up to 12 ranks.

Additionally, class balancing, a new endgame boss Andariel, and The Pit, where players can go through random dungeons of increasing difficulty, are expected. More details about other innovations will be shared later.

On March 28, Diablo 4 will join the Game Pass library. It will become the first Activision Blizzard game in the Xbox subscription.

Main image: Diablo 4