This week, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by Rocksteady Studios was released for early access. The media closely monitored the project, and every information leak prompted discussion. Unfortunately for the developers, significant leaks occurred, and the audience saw the game's issues even before its release.

The public's concerns were confirmed even before the early access launch. Suicide Squad turned out not to be the game everyone was expecting. Many found the gameplay monotonous and boring. People saw fan service, but not a complete, finished project.

When the game was released for early access, the story became more tragic. Players encountered terrible bugs. The Suicide Squad servers were completely shut down several times, preventing gamers from joining the game. One of the early access bugs revealed a spoiler for the end of the storyline.

There were also complaints about the gameplay. Major publications explicitly stated that they did not like the game. All this led to a massive return of funds for early access. The analytics firm McLuck published a statement indicating that the unsuccessful launch of Suicide Squad led to a massive 791% surge in refund requests.

Main image by ensiplay