Star Wars Jedi: Survivor made quite a splash after its release. The game was well-received by many fans, but its optimization turned out to be a disaster. Even owners of powerful hardware and next-gen consoles encountered a "slide-show" experience, making it physically painful to play.

The developers of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor initially claimed that their game would not be released on old consoles, stating that it was too technologically advanced for them. They used this as an excuse for the poor optimization. However, during a recent financial briefing, EA's CEO, Andrew Wilson, revealed that work is already underway to bring Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This was reported by Video Games Chronicle.

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This news may come as a shock to those who have been following the series' development. The developers explicitly stated that such a port to older platforms would be impossible. But apparently, the studio's leadership thinks differently. Andrew Wilson explains this decision by the game's positive reception from fans and its becoming the biggest event in the Star Wars franchise this year.

It is currently unclear how the developers will achieve the release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Release dates are also unknown, as the development process could potentially be prolonged.

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