You can't deny the impact of Star Wars on pop culture, and, unsurprisingly, there are quite a number of fans who are eagerly waiting for Star Wars Outlaws. Thanks to the new story trailer, fans can circle the date August 30 on their calendars, as this will be the celebration day. (And those who preorder Gold and Ultimate editions will have to wait even 72 hours less!)

What do we know about the plot of Star Wars Outlaws? With a companion called Nix, Kay Vess becomes the Star Wars analogue of Danny Ocean and plans the biggest heist in Outer Rim history. And if you wonder how that aligns with the movie timeline, we'll tell you: this adventure goes somewhere after the fifth but before the sixth episode.

You can already preorder Star Wars Outlaws on the Ubisoft website for the traditional AAA price of $70. If you want more from the game, like a season pass and 72-hours early access, prepare to pay $110 or $130 for Gold and Ultimate editions, respectively.

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