Last night marked the official release of the story expansion Separate Ways for the Resident Evil 4 remake. Ada Wong's new adventure is now available on PC, as well as on Xbox and PlayStation 5 consoles. Just a few hours after the expansion's release, many fans are already thrilled with its quality.

Resident Evil 4 remakeImage credit: YouTube

At the time of writing this update, the revamped Separate Ways had over 500 reviews on Steam, with the majority being positive. Players are particularly pleased with the story portion of the expansion, which is noticeably longer than the original. Additionally, gamers appreciated the enhanced boss battles and overall gameplay featuring Ada Wong.

The DLC takes about four to five hours to complete.

Additionally, a free update for the "Mercenaries" mode was released, adding Albert Wesker and Ada herself as playable characters.

The price also delighted many users. They felt $10 was a reasonable amount for such a quality expansion.

Main image: YouTube