Valve has decided to refresh the Family Groups mechanic on Steam. Now, it's possible to create a family group with up to 6 close friends and have a shared library. However, people in the group must be from the same country. Attempting to add someone from a different country will result in an error and a warning.

A separate section has been created for the update, where games available for shared access will be displayed. When playing games from the family library, you'll be able to create your own saves, earn individual Steam achievements, and have access to workshop items. For now, it's possible to play titles even if friends are also online in the same project. If you've shared a game and the person who was online gets banned, the punishment measures will apply to you as well.

Steam Family GroupsImage: steamcommunity.comAll these updates are currently available in the Steam beta version. There's no specific date for the mass release yet, but it's expected in the coming weeks.

Recently, Steam has already seen major changes in game purchases: now you can hide titles from friends, and also select who the purchase is for directly on the store page, either as a gift or for yourself. In the library, you can also hide already purchased projects.

Main image: Ensiplay and DALL·E 3