Today marked the long-awaited release of the official GTA 6 trailer. We've already talked about many interesting details that can be seen in the video. Now we will talk about a character. One of the main characters in GTA 6 is a woman named Lucia.

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At the very beginning of the trailer, we see Lucia in prison uniform, indicating that she has been released. She is conversing with her supervisor. When asked how she ended up in prison, Lucia responds, "Unlucky". She is not afraid of criminality, nor is she ashamed. She has a calm attitude towards her criminal lifestyle. Moreover, this answer illustrates that she has not reformed and wants to continue breaking the law.

Other scenes from the video show Lucia robbing stores and collecting cash together with a man (presumably Jason). Their Bonnie and Clyde-style relationship indicates that Lucia values loyalty and trust in her partner over legal or ethical considerations.

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The trailer does not explain how Lucia will meet Jason. We don't even know what Jason did before his fateful meeting with Lucia. But we will definitely find out in the game. However, it is certain that Lucia and Jason will be lovers.

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What else is known about Lucia?

  • Lucia's Latin American origin allows her to feel comfortable in Vice City. Unlike previous GTA characters, Lucia can use her knowledge of the Vice City areas.
  • Lucia is calm about breaking the law, which fits the image of a GTA antihero.

GTA fans are eagerly awaiting new hints about who Lucia is in GTA 6 and what chaos they will create together when GTA 6 is released.

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