Rockstar Games presented the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI a few hours ago, as we previously reported. The video has already garnered over 48 million views. The event was somewhat marred by the leak of the footage. 

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Firstly, let's explain why the premiere was delayed by 15 hours. It was all because of the trailer being leaked ahead of time. Not only was it of low quality, but it also had a huge Bitcoin advertisement plastered over it. 

As a result, Rockstar had to urgently reschedule the start of the showing. The official video was published 40 minutes after the leak. 

The developers themselves were not thrilled with what happened. For instance, senior animator Javier Altman complained that due to the incident, the Rockstar North team couldn't gather together to watch the long-awaited trailer. 

I was hoping to watch this for the first time tomorrow along with my fellow teammates and coworkers. I feel we deserved that moment. 

The premiere also caught gamers off guard. For example, insider Tom Henderson shared that watching the debut trailer of GTA VI did not go as planned. 

What did they show in the trailer, and what interesting things were we able to note?

  • The main characters, as already known, will be accomplices Lucia and Jason. A modern version of the Bonnie and Clyde robbers. They will have to join forces to get out of a certain predicament. By the way, Lucia will be the first main female protagonist in GTA.
  • The trailer features the song "Love Is A Long Road" by Tom Petty. It's possible that it hints at the close relationship between the lead characters and the difficulties they will face. If we rely on the original source along with the song's lyrics, this couple seems doomed.

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  • One of the Rockstar founders, Sam Houser, stated that GTA VI will also be an open-world game with an emphasis on the story.
  • The trailer includes typical Rockstar jokes. For example, as the camera flies over the beach of the modern Vice City, you can see a plane with a banner joking about the 69 position. Also, one of the stores no longer accepts money stored in underwear.
  • The clip is filled with inserts from news broadcasts and videos from social networks, full of people doing various crazy things.
  • Some sketches are taken directly from news bulletins. For instance, in 2018, American media reported about a Florida resident who annoyed neighbors because he worked on his site naked. The same man, though not completely undressed, is watering the lawn in the GTA VI trailer.

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  • Players can expect a huge variety of vehicles. The frame captures speedboats, helicopters, water motorcycles, quad bikes, cars, and so on.
  • You will be able to visit clubs, throw parties, participate in races, and much more.
  • If the trailer is to be believed, in the state of Leonida, there are alligators, flamingos, dolphins, and sharks. The trailer also showed a Chihuahua dog. It seems that NPCs in the sixth part will also have pets.

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