Finally, the online shooter XDefiant has come to PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5! Ubisoft first introduced the game in July 2021. Thus, the shooter reached its release almost three years after its announcement.

After the release, XDefiant encountered difficulties with servers and matchmaking, which Ubisoft has acknowledged. The company reported that they are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

While Ubisoft has been under criticism lately, server problems are not the reason, as it is hard to think of big multiplayer releases without such problems. 

As of now, XDefiant features fourteen maps, five factions, five game modes, and twenty-four types of weapons. A preseason phase will last for six weeks. Following this, the inaugural season will begin, lasting for three months. Some players are also disappointed the lack of new content in the current state. 

As for future plans, Ubisoft is looking to bring new content to XDefiant with each new season. The publisher hopes that this strategy will maintain player interest over an extended period. So we should wait until the start of Season 1 before jumping to conclusions. 

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