There is an opinion that people who are outstanding video game players will be successful no matter what the game is. That can be explained by one simple fact: it is not your talent that makes you the best (although it does matter), but your character and personal traits that make you stand out from the masses.

When we talk about video games, we think of eye-to-hand coordination, reaction time, and the ability to read information fast, but what about one of the oldest games in the world that were created long before the first computers were built? 

Tyler1, a popular streamer who made his name by playing League of Legends at a high level, found his new passion - chess. After the streamers tournament, Tyler1 continued playing chess, and his improvement rate is outstanding. Less than a year since his first chess game, he managed to get a blitz rating of 1900 at - which is the top 0.5% of arguably the biggest online platform with hundreds of thousands of players.

Usually, people learn chess at a young age, but Tyler1 shows his determination, and who knows, maybe this new obsession will lead to some greatness.

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