Cheaters in Activision's shooters have constituted a significant portion of the player base. Players with hacks that allow them to shoot through walls, see enemies through objects, and become invincible have ruined the experience for honest players. The developers of the CoD series couldn't ignore the millions of reports.

The number of online players in these shooters suffered a sharp decline due to unfair play, prompting Activision to make every effort to combat dishonest players. The pinnacle of their efforts was the introduction of the new Ricochet system, which not only banned cheaters but also those who create cheats. As a result, over 14,000 wrongdoers were banned from Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 servers within 24 hours. At least, that's what Activision claims. 

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Of course, there were complaints about such a massive ban wave. Some players claim they were banned mistakenly. However, this is not Activision's biggest problem. The servers of Modern Warfare 2 (2009) are still in a coma. Developers themselves disabled them as cheaters launched malware that developers cannot handle. Whether Ricochet will help fix the situation remains uncertain.

What do you think, did Activision do the right thing? 

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