Elon Musk is a remarkable man known for many feats. Apart from being a genius and businessman, Musk is also a gamer. However, it seems his passion for gaming might have taken him a bit too far, as he reportedly "stormed" into CD Projekt RED's office with a gun, demanding a cameo in Cyberpunk 2077.

This incident is sourced from Elon Musk's biography written by Walter Isaacson. Musk had an in when his ex-girlfriend Grimes was voice acting for Lizzie Wizzie, a music star in Cyberpunk 2077.

Elon MuskImage credit: Reddit

Musk reportedly showed up at the company's office asking for a minor role, wielding a "200-year-old gun". He allegedly claimed he was armed but not dangerous. Grimes mentioned that the game's creators were genuinely scared and eventually gave Musk a role. However, the businessman asserts that he immediately declared his peaceful intentions… with a gun in hand.

The biography mentions that the billionaire was drawn to Cyberpunk partly because the game's cybernetic implants reminded him of his company, Neuralink, which focuses on developing neural interfaces. Another reason was that he viewed the game as a depiction of the "future".

 Elon MuskImage credit: futurism.com

Musk has other quirky interests too. For instance, Amber Heard once cosplayed as Mercy — Musk's favorite character from Overwatch for role-playing purposes.

Main image: dtf.ru