Grinding Gear Games surprised fans at ExileCon 2023. The developers not only showcased 30 minutes of Path of Exile 2 gameplay but also announced that it will be a standalone game with its own client.

Yes, it's true. Initially, the sequel to Path of Exile was planned as an expansion of the original game. Over time, the original game was meant to be closed, and PoE 2 would become the main part. This is the approach Blizzard took with Overwatch 2, which had an impact on their reputation. GGG's decision not to follow that path delighted the fans.

This decision was made because during the development, Path of Exile 2 became too extensive for a simple expansion. By now, the game has added 6 new classes and 36 ascendancy classes. The list of monsters has grown to include 600 species and 100 new bosses. Additionally, 240 new skills and 1500 passive abilities have been introduced, along with new mechanics and much more.

What's pleasing is that the two games will not be entirely isolated from each other. Acquired content will be accessible in both parts, except for certain items. The 30 minutes of gameplay shown at the exhibition reveals a lot about the upcoming game: 

• The events in PoE 2 take place 20 years after the events of the first part; 

• The storyline consists of 6 acts and 100 areas; 

• A total of 12 classes will be presented;

• The PoE 2 skill gem system has been reworked. Support gems will now be socketed directly into skill gems. Each skill now has 6 links; 

• The passive skill tree is now divided into two branches. Players can combine styles during combat. For example, a mage can enhance both ice and lightning attacks simultaneously; 

• Players will encounter over 700 base types of equipment and new weapons; 

• The crafting system has been changed, and gold, which is collected automatically, has been introduced; 

• The dodge roll will have no cooldown. Bosses can now be crowd-controlled, but significant damage of a specific attack type is required to do so; 

• After completing the storyline, players can expect engaging endgame content with challenging bosses and trials. Developers will reveal more about this later.

There were also comparisons made with Diablo 4. PoE developers stated that these will be very different games. While Diablo 4 leans more towards being an MMO, PoE 2 is an action game with colossal amounts of content and ample room for experimentation.

What are your expectations for Path of Exile 2?

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