The Canadian esports organization Gaimin Gladiators enters Counter-Strike 2 and acquires the full roster of ECSTATIC. This roster move is interesting for several reasons.

First of all, we have a new name in Counter-Strike. For esports fans, Gaimin Gladiators are mostly known for their Dota 2 roster, which won all three major tournaments in 2023. However, the organization has other rosters, as Gaimin Gladiators have around ten different gaming divisions.

Secondly, ECSTATIC is a Danish roster that made waves during the recent PGL Major Copenhagen. The team finished the tournament at 12-14th place, successfully passing through the Opening Stage and finishing the Elimination Stage with 1-3 results. The new home might bring them more resources to develop into something bigger.

Thirdly, this signing is very likely connected to the upcoming Esports World Cup. Big organizations seek rosters in every game so they can gain valuable points that lead to extra money. Gaimin Gladiators will be one of the overall contenders.

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