MK1's next four seasons of Invasions leaked online in the early days of October. Fans can soon expect months dedicated to Nitara, Sub-Zero, Raiden, and Mileena. Data miners found 3 boss skins, and this fact will let the series' fans understand what rewards they can anticipate.

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The most interesting is Raiden, who will have items from MK11. When the "Raiden" season appeared online and it turned out he's based on Dark Raiden, fans hoped that the accompanying skin would be an older Raiden, voiced by Richard Epcar. However, he is still a younger version of Liu Kang, but in an MK11 costume. Fans didn't appreciate this move, feeling that the skin doesn't suit the character:

Disappointed that they have a new Raiden face model instead of the Dark Raiden MK11 costume, but no face model of Dark Raiden from MK11... who was in the story and voiced by a different actor.

Some players are wondering if he will have red lightning, tying the image of Dark Raiden. Others want to know if he will have glowing white eyes, as the leaked photos skin doesn't show that. And, despite using young Raiden, there are players who are happy with the return of the MK11 gear, as this could mean that one of the fan-favorite designs of Ermac might also appear.

However, Nitara's season is approaching, just in time for Halloween. Her month will be dedicated to vampires and everything related to blood.

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