Ed will become the third additional fighter for Street Fighter 6 and will appear in the fighting game at the end of February. Capcom has not only announced the release date for the character but also revealed the contents of the new battle pass.

Ed may be familiar to fans who played Street Fighter 5, as he made his franchise debut as a fighter after the launch of a DLC.

It's worth noting that during battles, Ed relies on boxing enhanced with psychic abilities. His mentor, Balrog, taught him, including some not-so-fair techniques in the sport such as kicks.

The "Ed Arrives!" battle pass, which comes with a plethora of premium rewards including new avatar outfits, an additional game for the arcade machine, emotes, stickers, and more, is now available in the game. The paid reward chain can be unlocked for 250 in-game coins. Free bonuses are also included.

Ed will appear in the fighter pool of players who have purchased the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of Street Fighter 6. Access to the character can also be unlocked through the first-year hero pass. Akuma is the next character to join the project, with the release of this character planned for the spring of 2024.

Main image: jpgames.de