Some of the most popular Pokemon have earned their popularity due to their appearance. Some look cool, while others look cute.

Many players might have a Pokemon similar to Charizard, which has been popular since Gen 1 but struggled in battle. This was noticeable when Stealth Rock was introduced, significantly reducing Charizard's chances until Mega Evolutions were introduced.

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Every Pokemon is someone's favorite, so fans want to explain why their beloved "Mons" need a boost in competitive battles, as they currently lag behind competitors.

A Reddit user created a thread asking which Pokemon fans would like to see improved. The user provided several examples. Venomoth needs better moves, Grumping requires more team support moves, and Flygon's x4 weakness should be reduced.

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Not every Pokemon can become the next Lucario or Annihilape in competitive battles. The Pokemon series continues to add new Pokemon and abilities, so some will inevitably fall behind, to the disappointment of players.

Perhaps the developers will consider this, as they now face an ambitious competitor in the form of Palworld, which millions of gamers are playing.

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