Rockstar Games has announced that on August 17, they will release a port of Red Dead Redemption for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. However, there is one significant warning: the remake don't have major changes that could impact graphics, performance, 60fps, and other aspects. The price for this masterpiece will be $50.

After the announcement, fans were shocked and angered. They criticized the company across various social media platforms, without any limits in their expressions. Their sentiment is understandable, as Rockstar had previously released an updated GTA trilogy that was disliked by many. They received a significant amount of criticism then. The port's trailer received around 40,000 dislikes on YouTube, which is almost half the number of likes.

Users weren't as upset about the price as they were about the lack of improvements and the fact that RDR won't be available on PC. As a result, fans of the series have actively called for boycotting the game as a form of protest.

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Prior to this, there were numerous rumors circulating online that a remake or remaster of Red Dead Redemption would be released. However, no one expected the game to be simply made available on two additional platforms. Could it be that Rockstar has become similar to EA and is solely focused on making money?

Will you be purchasing Red Dead Redemption? Or do you believe this is a disappointment for the game's fans?

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