Rockstar has confirmed that the first trailer for the next GTA 6 game will be revealed in early December 2023.

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Amidst the possible GTA 6 trailer reveal at The Game Awards, people are instantly buying up tickets for the event. 

Many are convinced that the highly anticipated trailer will be shown on stage for the first time at The Game Awards 2023, as so many tickets for the ceremony have been sold in the past few hours that the organizers had to take action. As announced on official social media, additional rows of seats have been added to allow other audience members to attend the event, which will be held at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles.

Obviously this is just speculation at this point, but rumors have been circulating for months now that Rockstar Games has chosen the next The Game Awards to reveal the highly anticipated game to the public. After all, there will be many who will be watching the event live, and thus the trailer will be seen by a large number of gamers right away.

Also, the post in "X" announcing the GTA 6 trailer reveal has become the most popular gaming post in history. To demonstrate the frenzied anticipation that exists around GTA 6, just look at the numbers captured by a very simple post announcing the release of the trailer in December, which gathered an impressive number of likes and views.

It was a short and concise post that didn't contain a single precise mention of the new game. It contains no images, no logo and doesn't even mention the specific title of the new installment, saying only "the next Grand Theft Auto".

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All in all, this is indeed an extremely brief post, but it was enough to generate enthusiasm among the public who have been waiting for years for information about GTA 6. 

According to some reviewers, this will be the most popular post ever for video game related posts.

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