Skybound Entertainment has announced the development of a AAA game based on Robert Kirkman's popular superhero comic book series, "Invincible". A team of 30 individuals, including industry veterans from Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Amazon Games, is working on the project. However, the declared scale of the project raises questions, considering the relatively small team size and the need for additional funding through crowdfunding.

Typically, AAA game development requires the involvement of hundreds of specialists and spans several years. Therefore, Skybound's claim of creating a AAA project with a team of 30 people raises some skepticism. It's possible that the company is using the term "AAA" for marketing purposes to attract attention and elevate the project's status. Currently, the company requires assistance in raising funds for development. Skybound has already secured $18 million in investments, and they have now launched a crowdfunding campaign, which has garnered nearly $500,000 in donations.

This move could indicate difficulties in attracting traditional investments or a desire from the studio to directly interact with fans and involve them in the development process.

Main image: Ensiplay