Many developers have attempted to create their own "dream Diablo". The genre established by Blizzard became very popular, but Diablo had no worthy competitors. Of course, there are very good games in this genre, such as Path of Exile, but due to its excessive complexity, it does not suit the average player.

Starting with Diablo III, fans of the genre began trying to create the perfect RPG. The legendary series began to lose depth, and for many, Diablo IV became a complete disappointment. The game turned out to be too easy, boring, and monotonous. However, a competitor has emerged that could overshadow the legendary franchise.

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Last Epoch was created by enthusiasts and devoted fans of the genre. The development began in 2017, and only yesterday the game was released. This project should not be underestimated. More than 1 million copies were sold even before the release. Fans of similar RPGs have noticed in Last Epoch the long-awaited balance between difficulty and depth.

Last Epoch adheres to the genre's classics and does not deviate from traditions. There are 5 classes to choose from, each with three tiers of development. At launch, there are 120 skill tree options available.

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The world in the game is presented in an unusual way. Players must travel through different time epochs, which change the world, adding new locations and removing old ones. This makes the gameplay more diverse. The developers do not plan to stop there and intend to add more locations, bosses, and new classes.

In the first hour after release, the online count exceeded 150,000 people. Alas, the servers could not handle such a load, but this will be corrected in the near future. It's worth noting that the game has an offline mode. This is something many hoped for from Diablo but never received.

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