Esports World Cup 2024 attracts the best Counter-Strike 2 teams across the globe to compete in the main event of the summer. However, invites were limited, so many known squads had to go through the open qualifiers, and here are the results. 

Each region except for the Middle East had two spots for open qualifier winners. (The Middle East had four). In total that makes fourteen teams who had to go through a tough two-day single elimination bracket. Here is the list of the winners:

It is hard to talk about upsets, as there are too many known Europeans names who were eliminated. But the success of Sashi Esport can be called relatively surprising. In other regions, stronger teams qualified, including Team Liquid in North America.

In the closed qualifiers, each region will have four teams that will play the double elimination bracket, and only the best team will join nine already invited teams in the main tournament. The total prize pool of the CS2 tournament is one million dollars.

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