G2 Esports CS2 squad will take part in IEM Dallas 2024 with a substitution. In a report by Dust2.us, it is stated that representatives from G2 have already confirmed the absence of HooXi at the tournament, although an official announcement has yet to be made.

It is assumed that HooXi will be unable to compete at IEM Dallas 2024 due to "personal conflict". However, according to sources of the report, it has nothing to do with the possible roster moves, as it will happen only once, and HooXi, who has been under fire for his low in-game stats, is not leaving the team or being benched.

G2 Esports representatives added that the team has not yet decided on a temporary replacement for the captain. According to Dust2.us, one of the candidates is Stewie2k, who teased the community on his personal X (ex-Twitter account). The Boston Major champion recently came back from his hiatus, and he has recently been playing with Legacy.

IEM Dallas 2024 will start on May 27 and will feature sixteen teams competing for a prize pool of $250,000.

Main image: x.com