It appears that the zombie survival game The Day Before lost 75% of its player base since the release, which was accompanied by extremely negative reviews. As PCGN notes, if at the start, on December 7, the peak of concurrent players reached 38,104, now there are fewer than ten thousand players in the game at the same time.

According to SteamDB, the 24-hour peak is only 9,319.

The Day BeforeImage credit: SteamDB 

The reasons for such a sharp decline in active users are simple. In fact, The Day Before was launched in a catastrophic state, even by the standards of an early access game. This state is so bad that, at the time of writing the article, positive user reviews account for only 19% of the total number.

Among the various reported problems are, for example, empty maps with a small number of enemies, unsatisfactory shooting with inaccurate hit detection, terrible input lag, various server issues, and numerous bugs that are hard to overlook.

However, the team stated that it is listening to player feedback. In a patch released on December 8, Fntastic stated that it "resolved the most critical issues with the game and improved overall performance", and also added more zombies and offered five times more in-game currency, Woodcoins, for completing missions.

The Day BeforeImage credit: Reddit

The team also reports improved game performance and network code. The mechanics of infected spawn were also improved to increase the chance of encountering them in the world. Besides, shooting from both first-person and third-person perspectives was fixed.

Now players should also find more ammunition on the corpses of dead infected, and items should no longer disappear when hidden.

Either way, The Day Before is not an MMO, as Fntastic advertised in recent months, but a survival shooter that leaves much to be desired, which clearly angered users who were expecting something entirely different.

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