A new trailer for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile has marked the date for the global launch of the shooter. Starting March 21, players will be able to enjoy their favorite shooter on their phones.

Online, users have already posted gameplay footage of the shooter, and along with the new trailer, information about the game's content has been revealed. In Warzone Mobile, gamers can expect the following:

  • The "Verdansk" map with a battle royale for 120 players.
  • The "Rebirth Island" map with shootouts for 48 people. As long as there is at least one active squad member, you can count on respawning.
  • Maps like Shipment, Scrapyard, and Shoot House will allow for classic mode gameplay.
  • Flexible user interface settings.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Rewards for the number of users who have pre-registered.

A unique feature of Warzone Mobile is cross-progression with Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Players will be able to upgrade their weapons, operators, and battle pass. There will be no PC or console players.

CoD Warzone MobileImage credit: callofduty.com

Also, there is no zombie mode yet. However, the developers have not ruled out its appearance at launch or later. Warzone Mobile will also have its own content, such as skins, which players on other platforms will not be able to unlock.

The set of maps for classic multiplayer modes will change monthly. Major updates for the game are planned to be released every month, with seasonal updates every two months.

Main image by ensiplay