Hogwarts Legacy became the biggest release of 2023. This incredibly atmospheric game sold millions of copies despite some flaws. Players praised its stunning depiction of the magical world and Hogwarts itself. Fans have never seen such magnificence in any other game before. 

However, there were some problems. While the world of Hogwarts Legacy is stunningly beautiful, there aren't as many activities as players would like to have. The gameplay lacks originality, and the mechanics lack depth. The game was labeled as fan service, but people still bought and played it because there are no good alternatives to it at the moment. 

Hogwarts LegacyImage: inverse.com

Apparently, Warner Bros studio realized that the project needs a sequel. The massive sales will allow them to create a perfect continuation, taking player feedback into account. Not long ago, job vacancies appeared on the company's website for a new AAA project. The job description explicitly states that the team is working on Hogwarts Legacy and the project's goal is to create something greater than what has already been achieved. 

It's worth noting that all story DLCs for Hogwarts Legacy were canceled. Without planning a sequel, it would have been a mistake. Considering the project's immense popularity and high sales, a sequel is inevitable.

Would you like to see a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy?

Main Image: instant-gaming.com