Collecting all the scandals surrounding Warzone 2.0 could fill an entire book. Recently, Activision has already "delighted" players with superheroes, cats, and hip-hop stars. However, the developers seemed to think that was not enough. Since there are rat and cat skins, the zoo needs to be expanded. Thus, the number of four-legged operatives will be top up with a dog. It seems that Warzone is trying to become not only Fortnite but also an online zoo. 

When the addition of Merlin The Dog was announced, players were genuinely excited. They immediately recalled Call of Duty: Ghost and eagerly awaited the dog's appearance. Fans expected to be able to pet the companion and say, "Good boy". However, in the end, users hate this dog. 

The dog named Merlin appeared not just as a companion. He is part of the premium battle pass and exists not just for aesthetics. Merlin has become a literal legal cheat that allows players to make their lives easier in the game. The dog's main task is to detect enemies. When he is near one, he starts barking and growling. His owner not only hears this but also sees a visual indication.

As a result, for $29.99, players get themselves a universal way to detect enemies, even if they are behind a wall. And, on top of that, Merlin cannot be killed! Choose Snoop Dogg's skin, take your dog, a friend's cat, and go into battle! Cool, right?!

No. Players didn't appreciate this novelty, and a scandal erupted. Those who didn't buy the dog blame other gamers for using it. A real war has begun among the fans.

Main image: YouTube