The release of the ambitious project The Day Before was eagerly awaited by many fans of survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The developers promised a rich, eventful open world, challenging survival aspects, and thrilling multiplayer. The project shares similarities with The Division and The Last of Us, but player expectations were not met at launch.

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The game was released on December 7, 2023, and the start turned out to be extremely unsuccessful. In The Day Before, players faced not dangerous zombies and survival challenges, but numerous bugs and server errors. Gamers also complained about extremely boring gameplay. The location, which represents the megalopolis of New-Fortune-City in North America, seemed empty to players. Some did not encounter any serious enemies for several hours of gameplay.

There are those who liked the game. According to them, the project has potential, but a lot of work is needed on optimization. It was also noted that the graphics and sounds, which are already considered outdated, need improvement. As of the second day after release, The Day Before's rating on Steam is only 15%. Some players have already processed refunds for their purchase.

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