Major European cities recently played host to massive inflatable installations featuring Luffy from One Piece, as fans of the legendary manga and anime celebrated the protagonist's birthday. On May 5th, giant inflatable figures depicting Luffy in various iconic forms from different story arcs appeared across major European cities.

Paris, for example, showcased Luffy in his Gear Fifth form, which debuted during the Onigashima battle. The figure stood tall in front of a classic building facade adorned with arched windows. Berlin featured the character's "classic" design, while Milan displayed his signature straw hat.

Luffys Birthday 2024Image:

These impressive installations became a highlight for One Piece fans and captured the attention of numerous passersby. Fans eagerly snapped photos with their favorite character in his different forms, paying tribute to the iconic franchise.

The official X account published an article commemorating Luffy's 25-year history, a unique gift appreciated by many fans.

Main image: Ensiplay