If you're looking for the most intense transfer market periods in Counter-Strike, several weeks after the Major tournaments are the dates to look at. However, not every transfer window has such big moves as Electronic leaving Cloud9 to join Virtus.pro.

Yes, you read it right. Cloud9, who built a Russian supersquad, is falling apart. The idea of the roster without sniper was really promising with the new in-game economy, but it didn't work out. Now, electronic leaves the squad and this move may bring big changes to the Eastern European Counter-Strike professional scene.

Virtus.pro benches mir to accommodate electronic, and this roster change hugely boosts The Bears. Electronic, who was four times in the top-10 best players of the year ratings, will have an experienced IGL and has a chance to concentrate on his rifling skills. His first big tournament with the new team will be the ESL Pro League Season 19.

As for Cloud9, they need to find a replacement, which might be a great chance to invite a sniper and rebuild the team in a more traditional fashion.

Main image: virtus.pro