The Esports World Cup will be one of the biggest events of this summer, and now we can tell the names of all fifteen participants. Nine teams were invited earlier, but the fate of the six slots was determined in the regional qualifiers. Some of them went without surprises, while some of the winners were quite unexpected.

Let's start with those qualified teams who came into the regionals as favourites and proved their status. FlyQuest went 6-0 in the Oceania tournament, and only two maps out of six required 24 or more rounds. JiJieHao did not have any problems in the Middle East qualifiers, as the team lost to Onyx Ravens in the winners' final only to sweep them back in the grand finals. The MongolZ were also dominant in Asia qualifiers. Three matches, three wins and only two maps lost.

The South American qualifier was perhaps the most equal in terms of participating teams, as all four squads had chances to earn the ESWC spot. MiBR was the strongest team, as they lost only one map out of seven.

The most surprising results came from North America and Europe. In the former, Team Liquid was a massive favourite to win the qualifier, but they tripped over M80. In Europe, Sashi Esport was the underdog compared to all three other teams. However, they first beat Cloud9 twice and then got their revenge against Eternal Fire.

Esports World Cup 2024 CS2 Tournament participants:

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