For the past several months, the Counter-Strike 2 roster of FURIA has been in a slump. The team struggled during PGL Major Copenhagen, and the results in other tournaments were not great either. That's why the co-owner of the organization announced that changes are imminent.

Now it's official: the veteran of the team and its in-game leader, arT, is benched. The Brazilian player spent more than six years competing with FURIA, but now, the club is changing its course. FalleN is back to IGL, and the fifth player is kye, a youngster from the academy team. However, this solution is only temporary as FURIA might look into the international Counter-Strike scene to find the fifth member. 

Also, FURIA will be changing its coach. Guerri is getting a promotion to the Head of Esports position but will take less part in the roster's day-to-day life and preparation. While he is still technically coaching FURIA until a replacement is found, it is clear that the Brazilian team is entering its rebuilding stage.

Main image: PGL