As IEM Chengdu has come to an end and FaZe Clan lifted their trophy, the only thing missing is to highlight the best players in their positions. Of course, Broky received his MVP trophy, but what about other great players?

The Best Five is an ideal squad based on the tournament performance where the best players in five categories are taken. Broky was, without a doubt, dominant in China, and he took the spot of best AWPer of the tournament. The position of best IGL also doesn't bring any questions: FaZe Clan is number one, so their IGL Karrigan should be on the list.

But what about the other three players? Well, Broky might be a key to the success of the FaZe Clan, but Frozen also had a great tournament. He was the most valuable player in the grand finals, and his successful clutches made the difference. That's why Frozen is the best closer of IEM Chengdu.

One of the biggest surprises of the event was Astralis. In the group stage, the Danish team was unstoppable, and much of it can be attributed to the impressive performance by Stavn. He did lots of damage and really helped his team to set up winning rounds. Stavn is the best opener of IEM Chengdu.

As for the anchor, we can't think about another team which had a successful run but lacked experience in the grand finals. This MOUZ roster has a very high skill ceiling, and one of the key factors is Jimpphat's stellar performance. The Finn, on average, did more than one kill in rounds that MOUZ won. That is impactful, that is impressive and Jimpphat is the best anchor of the tournament.

So there you have it. Your Best Five of IEM Chengdu: Broky, Frozen, Jimpphat, Stavn and Karrigan.

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