Dying Light has become one of the most popular zombie games. Among other projects about the walking dead, this series was a breath of fresh air. It offered players a completely different survival experience during a zombie apocalypse. Instead of slow, cautious gameplay, you're introduced to adrenaline-fueled action with melee combat, parkour, and speed.

Despite the mixed reviews of Dying Light 2, the franchise still continues to attract more and more fans. The first Dying Light was sold in an insane print run of 30 million copies, and the 2022 release, Dying Light 2, has already attracted over 5 million buyers.

This is why the announcement of a new game in the series caused a stir among fans. However, the trailer for the new project was a completely unexpected surprise — it will be a board game!

Dying Light: The Board Game will transfer the digital game experience to the physical world and will try to adhere to the canon. For example, we already know that the board game will feature an interesting parkour system, which already sounds cool. On February 27, a crowdfunding campaign will start on Kickstarter to financially support the game.

Main image: Epic Games