A new application called MiniMap Radar has been showcased in the App Store, available for iPhone and Apple Watch. It emulates the design of the GTA: Vice City mini-map, allowing users to add in-game styled markers.

GTA Vice CityImage credit: playground.ru

Developer Timur Abdrakhimov shared his idea on social media a few months ago, noting the absence of such an application in the App Store. In that same post, he mentioned that he began developing the application.

The application works as follows: iPhone users can add points to the map, which can represent a house, favorite places, and so on. These points can be customized by assigning them a name, an icon from Vice City, and a color. Once all settings are completed, you can turn on AR mode, overlaying the mini-map onto the camera feed.

The application can also be synchronized with the Apple Watch, where the map and the markers added from the smartphone will be displayed.

GTA Vice CityImage credit: playground.ru

The developer warned that the map works somewhat crudely on the watches, but this will be fixed with an update. He also noted that synchronization between devices is possible only when both the watch and phone with the application are launched simultaneously.

Version 1.1 includes:

• Label editor on the phone;

• AR mode for viewing markers and maps on the phone;

• Application for the watch and synchronization with them;

• Icons;

• Sounds;

• Tutorial.

The app is priced at $1.

Main image: playground.ru